VMWare Workstation 12 Key

VMWare Workstation 12 Key Free Download Full Version 2017 + Product Key

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VMWare Workstation 12 Key

VMWare Workstation is ideal software to run multiple operating systems on a single PC. You can latest release of Linux or can also run Windows 10 very easily on a single key workstation. The user friendly interface of the VMWare Workstation 12 makes it literally effortless to use with a positive user experience. You can also create individual virtual machines on your workstation to test new applications, 15+ VMware Workstation Pro 12.x Universal License Keys for Win & Lin and new pieces of codes. You can also run the virtual copy of your old key operating system as well so that you can recycle the old machines that you have stored under your desktop as well. You can also try the new operating system or can switch between one operating system to the other without rebooting the system. The major addition in the new version of the VMWare Workstation 12 Key is the added support of Windows 10 as a host as well as a guest along with the integration feature of the both. Additionally the guest side of the workstation has Auto Detect and easy install features in the Windows 10. This means you can easily pop in the key Windows installation disc and Windows will easily detect the operating system making the new boot as a virtual machine and the setup of the program will proceed automatically.

There are two other new features added in the latest version of VMWare Workstation 12 and has also expanded to add the Windows 10 support as well. The first feature in VMWare Workstation 12 is known as the Unity Mode where applications on the virtual machine are allowed to display on the host screen as in the case of native applications. This feature in VMWare Workstation 12 includes all the Windows native applications, old school applications, universal applications as well. Another added key feature includes is the ability to migrate Windows physical installations to the virtual machine with ease and professionalism. The Linux distributions are also updated under the workstation number 12 and Oracle Linux 7. 1 is now officially supported by the software.

There are number of other professional features of the software that you can now enjoy in the new and latest version. There are powerful 3D graphics along with the DirectX 10 and Open GL 3.3 Support. The VMWare Workstation 12 Key also supports high resolution display with key support for 4K and UHD and QHD support as well. There are enterprise quality virtual machines with 16 VCPUS, 8TB virtual disk support, and 64 GB of memory. There is also support of virtual machine video memory up to 2GB. The VMWARE WORKSTATION PRO V12.5.2 SERIAL KEY IS HERE! [UPDATED] also provides with absolute hardware support such as the Broad Well and Haswell CPU Support. The connectivity credentials of the VMWare Workstation 12 are also improved and enhanced with the support for USB 3.0, Blue Tooth, HD Audio support, printers and Social Networking App Support. There is also enhanced IPV6 support as well IPV6 to IPV4 NAT support. VMWare Workstation offers a deep and enhanced vSphere and vCloud Air Support as well where you can easily drag and drop between the different key environments. There are also options for restricted and encrypted VMS with the protection and performance enhancement in VMWare Workstation 12. There are time limited virtual machines along with the expiring virtual machines. VMWare Workstation is a very compatible software as you can create a virtual machine for one platform and can run it on the multiple platforms very easily.

VMWare Workstation 12 Key


Advantages and Disadvantages of VMWare Wor kstation


  • VMWare Workstation offers its users with solid state virtual machine system with a wide support for multiple platforms
  • There is also an ability of chain driving of the key virtual machines in order to save the space
  • There are additional features for the enterprise clients as well as special clients
  • VMWare Workstation supports the making of isolate networks so that you can test various applications and software on them
  • VMWare Workstation 12 can also control your virtual machine from outside with the help of scripting


  • Occasional releases of the software are a bit buggy
  • Drag and Drop option between the host is somewhat buggy and fails in certain cases
  • The VMWare Workstation 12 is more expensive than some of the other software in the market

Bottom Line

VMWare Workstation 12 Key is feature complete software that let you create key virtual machines that run on multiple platforms with ease and efficiency.


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VMWare Workstation 12 Key

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