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Reflector 2 is ideal application to turn your MAC or PC into Air Play Receiver. This Reflector 2 is efficient in creating the mirror image of your iPhone or iPad on your MAC device or PC. Reflector 2 License Key free download for windows 7 The entire display of your cell phone device can be created on your MAC and PC output. The new version of the Reflector 2 comes with number of new improvements and new gaming license key enhancements are added in Reflector 2. Reflector 2 is very easy to get started with Reflector 2 as you just have to download and install the software on your system and there you go you are ready to use this software in professional way. The basic task of Reflector 2 License Key is that it turns your computer in AirPlay receiver and as this feature is built in all the iOS devices so you don’t have to install any additional software or application to create the mirror license key display of your iOS device. In order to access the computer just pull up the control centre and select Air Play mode and you will see the name of your computer displayed right there. Reflector 2 License Key free download for windows 7 32 bit You just have to tap and toggle and within seconds your iPhone screen will pop up on the MAC display. This screen is bound by the frame that is currently you are using on your iPhone device. The broadcast license key quality of the display is excellent and there is no lag time or jerks in establishing the display. All the visuals in Reflector 2 that are on the display are completed updated on real time and there are no stutters in the display. The Reflector 2 License Key can work easily with both of orientations and the output resolution is different that is based on the selection of the device.

Reflector 2 License Key Free Download For Windows 7 Professional

Reflector 2 License Key

There are lot of enhancements made by REFLECTOR 2 LICENCE KEY PLUS CRACK LATEST FULL WORKING such as smart layout feature which is best and beneficial when multiple devices are attached via Air Player mode and the Reflector 2 automatically displays the best visual appeal out of all the multiple devices. This Reflector 2 allows toggle between the license key landscape and portrait mode without any quality loss of the visuals. Reflector 2 License Key free download for windows 7 64 bit The recording feature of Reflector 2 works like a charm, a magic and a dream that produces a quite flexible output and you are also able to add real time voice and audio to the display that is being displayed. The output resolution can be changed according to the resolution of the device in which the Air Play display is being published. Reflector 2 License Key can also change the pixels of the colors and the screen recoding can also include license key device frames as well as you can also ready to view the App Store Preview Uploads.

Reflector 2 License Key Free Download For Windows 7 Home Premium

Reflector 2 License Key Free Download For Windows 7 Home Premium

Reflector 2 License Key Free Download For Windows 7 Home Premium


There are additional features of Air Play that can be handling with Reflector 2 such as plain mirroring of applications, and games along with this Reflector 2 and also let you to make a slide show of the pictures and streaming videos to your MAC and PC with your iPhone. Reflector 2 License Key free download for windows 7 ultimate There is another highlight of Reflector 2 that is the Google Cast Compatibility of the Reflector 2 such as if you have an Android device or a license key Chrome Book with you it can also be mirrored on your PC as well. There is also ability of the Reflector 2 to broadcast the content in secure way and it can specifically add Quick Connect Codes, on screen Air Play Codes, and prompt the connections in order to avoid the establishment of any false connections. The recording feature of the Reflector 2 License Key is also multiple devices supported and comes with absolutely smart layout.

Features of Reflector 2

  • Reflector 2 allow to use any device to create a mirror view on your system
  • The display by Reflector 2 is shown in an adjustable box so that it can match with the resolution of your machine
  • Reflector 2 can connect multiple devices with Reflector 2


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