MorphVOX Pro Key

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MorphVOX Pro Key

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MorphVOX Pro is a voice transforming software that can be used for professional as well as fun purposes. The MorphVOX Pro is beneficial for both the kids and adults that can not only change the voice of the user but also adds sound effects and background music in the form of tracks in the clip. There is also a free key version of Download MorphVOX Pro 4.4.51 Crack Incl Product Key by the name of MorphVOX Pro Junior that can be used to evaluating the software before finally purchasing it. You can use the software for online voice changing purpose and adding characteristics to your voice. The price of the software is $39.99 and it is very easy to install and use.

There are two main interfaces of MorphVOX Pro Key one of them is the Studio Interface that is divided into five different panes that can be used to select the voice of the pre-configured key characters such as Goblin, Shade and Cyborg etc. There are additional pitch and timbre controls of the MorphVOX Pro, sound effects and voice effects along with the graphic equalizer to equalize the tones of the voice. MorphVOX Pro can use both of the interfaces very easily as with the morphed voices you can change your gender, act as an alien, and also add far out effects to your voice. The MorphVOX Pro can be easily use to create key morphed voices for the gaming as well as using voice for the VOIP and can have some fun with this application. MorphVOX Pro can also plan the prank calls with fun and family with this application. You can also download additional sound effects, clips and snippets to add more fun to your application.

MorphVOX Pro is professional software with all the productive and useful features. The MorphVOX Pro works very well with both the 32 bit as well as the 64 bit version of the Windows operating system. You can also work with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 with this software. The MorphVOX Pro also supports the Mac OSX that makes it even more useful and professional. MorphVOX Pro Key doesn’t consume much system resources as claimed by the publisher and the minimum key requirements to run the software seamlessly are the Core i5 Processor, and also 2 GB RAM. The interface of the MorphVOX Pro is basic graphical user interface and the controls are very much similar to the Windows controls that make this software very easy to use. MorphVOX Pro can also add additional plug-ins to the system to enhance the performance of the software. The Studio mode interface of the software is a bit cluttered one as it shows all the key controls from basic to advance controls. Then there is other minimalistic skin mode that shows only the basic controls. The MorphVOX Pro is also available on the Steam. The voice transformation software works very well with all the multimedia programs of the Windows such as ACID, Audacity, Vegas and Sound Forge as well. You can also integrate the MORPHVOX PRO KEY CRACK + SERIAL KEY GENERATOR FREE DOWNLOAD with instant messaging clients as well as with the VOIP software.

MorphVOX Pro Key

You can also scrub the background of the sound clips with the help of MorphVOX Pro to remove any tell-tale effects of the surroundings. There is ultra quite background noise cancellation property of the MorphVOX Pro that is unique with the algorithm provided by the software to change the key voice. The algorithm tweaks the voice in such a way that the entire process of changing the voice looks very convincing. MorphVOX Pro can also add real time modulation to the voices that are coming from the microphones and you can also add the effects to the sound that you have already recorded. You can also add the batch conversion plug-in to the software if you want to transform multiple voices at the same time


Advantages and Disadvantages of MorphVOX Pro


  • MorphVOX Pro can act as a fun voice changer while working with friends and family on the instant messaging applications
  • The sound delivered by MorphVOX Pro is of good quality and is in appropriate amount
  • You can also add additional plug-ins to add additional effects to your voice and key sound clips


  • There is total absence of functional shortcuts within the software
  • The tweaking process of the sound provided by MorphVOX Pro is not as easy as the process of transformation of the sound

Bottom Line

MorphVOX Pro Key can add fun dimensions to chatting and gaming activities of the users but it is a bit expensive as compared to other software in the market.


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MorphVOX Pro Key

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