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Most readers are probably familiar with VPNs in the context of working remotely, connecting to a secure network in order to access sensitive workplace content. Hotspot shield vpn. Consumer VPN services like Hotspot Shield Elite work the same way: The software encrypts all Internet activity from the PC and routes the packets through AnchorFree’s servers. When Hotspot is turned on, AnchorFree assigns the computer an IP address belonging to its network. When a website tries to look up the user’s IP address or location, it receives information about AnchorFree’s servers instead.

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 Hotspot shield download free for android.

All network data sent and received is encrypted, making it difficult for anyone trying to ferret out information about your online activity. Users behind a VPN can be assured that their traffic is secured against hackers and snooping governments. While using a VPN is Hotspot shield download free. a wise choice for securing important activities, such as online banking transactions, VPNs are essential for accessing the Internet while traveling or even just logging in from the corner coffee shop’s public Wi-Fi network. On a larger scale, people living in countries with highly restrictive control over Internet access can circumvent that control with a VPN.

For some people, however, VPNs are a means to access region-locked content. By connecting from the US to a VPN server in the U.K., for example, you could watch BBC shows for free instead of paying for BBC America. Note that Netflix is fighting back against this kind of cheating,Hotspot shield download free windows are other services. Features and Pricing Hotspot Shield Elite has several pricing tiers ranging from as little as one month for $11.95 to forever for a one-time payment of $99.95. Only one other VPN service offers a similar “forever” subscription, and that’s Editors’ Choice winner KeepSolid VPN Unlimited$4.99 at KeepSolid.

If one month is too short but you’re not willing to commit to a lifetime, you can snag a six-month subscription for $19.99, a one-year subscription for $29.95, or a two-year subscription for $49.95. That definitely puts it on the more expensive end of the spectrum for monthly subscriptions. Even at the one-month level, KeepSolid VPN costs only $4.99, less than half HotSpot Shield’s $11.95. Hotspot shield download free cnet. If none of those fit your wallet, you might consider the free version of Hotspot Shield. The Hotspot Shield FAQ also says that some websites, such as “BBC, Netflix, Hulu, Adult content, etc.” are placed behind a paywall in the free version, too.

There are 20 server locations worldwide to choose from for Elite members, and only nine for Mac users, three for Kindle devices. That’s a short list, and none of the servers appear to be optimized for specialized scenarios, such as streaming video. NordVPN$11.95 at NordVPNhas Hotspot shield download free windows 7 2016. hundreds of locations available and Private Internet Access boasts thousands of servers across the globe. That said, Hotpsot does have a diverse list of server locations, covering Asia (including China), Europe, North America, South and Central America, and Russia. Hotspot customers looking for server locations in the Middle East or Africa will have to settle for servers in Turkey.

In addition to securing your traffic, Hotspot Shield can also warn users whenever they land on a known or suspected malicious or phishing website (as determined  by developer AnchorFree’s database of more than 3.5 million malicious sites). Hotspot also boasts malware detection, protecting you from dangerous software.

Hotspot Shield Download Free For Android Mobile

 Hotspot shield download free for android mobile. 3
I had no trouble setting up Hotspot on my test machine running Windows 8.1. Once installed, Hotspot Shield Elite appeared as a green shield icon in my system tray. Hotspot shield download free anchorfree.    Previous versions also changed the appearance of the browser, and we’re happy to see that behavior removed in the current incarnation. Hotspot also no longer installs any toolbars, but does add browser extensions to modify proxy settings. AnchorFree says that these will likely be unnecessary in future versions.


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